FlatCoated Retriever

NAME :Anouchka
Sex :F
SIRE :M.CH Okran of Glen Sheallag
MOTHER :Achurch Shuna
Birth date :08-12-2001
Breeder :VAN EECKE Marie-Claire
Chemin du Meunier,1
Owner :VAN EECKE Marie-Claire
Hips Dysplasia :HD / A
A.D.N. :Black- Black

    • Results :

    • Expositions
      Luxembourg Retriever Club
      Judge : Mrs.Griffiths (GB)
      28-07-2002Cl. Puppy : VP
      Expo Luxembourg
      Judge : Mr.Kuffer (L)
      01-09-2002CL. Puppy : P ; Best Puppy
      Belgian Flatcoated Retriever Club 16-11-2002CL. Young ;1st Exc.
      Expo Luxembourg 30-03-2003CL. Jeune ; Exc
      Belgian Retriever Club
      Judge : Mme Bourgade (F)
      17-05-2003Cl. Young ; Exc.
      Belgian Retriever Club
      Judge : Mv. Rathenau (NL)
      16-05-2004CL. Breeding : 2nd Exc.
      Luxembourg Retriever Club
      Judge : Mme Drouillard (F)
      13-06-2004CL. Open : 3rd Exc.
      BFRC Show
      Judge:MR Baelen (B)
      27-11-05Cl. Breeding:2 EX
      International Dogshow Mouscron
      judge Mr Facq(F)
      29-01-06Cl.Open:4 EX
      Belgian Retriever Club
      Judge:Mme Reniers(B)
      13-05-06cl Open:2 EX
      International Dogshow Mechelen(B)
      18-08-07cl Open:1 EX CAC-CACIB

    • Descendants :

    • 1.  27/11/2004 : 4M + 6F, dont

      Dragonfly (F)By M.C.VAN EECKE "Millerheights"

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