FlatCoated Retriever

M.CH Okran Of Glen Sheallag

My Last Perfomance in the Ring

April 30th 2009

......I feel strange......

... Things happened so fast ...This afternoon I was in the garden with my son Cassio and Anne-Marie. She was cleaning the flowerbeds and I helped her, well sort of … I took branches and broke them into little bits (like the garden shredder) and dropped them around the lawn. Anne-Marie isn’t always happy with this ! Suddenly my son and I noticed a particular person (who does not like us) walking on the path behind our garden.
Being good guardians we made it clear that this is our place and that she’d better hurry up. She got angry, hit the fence with her stick and yelled at us. Blood pulsed to my brain, I got nervous and ... I felt something strange ... I vaguely heard Anne-Marie call my name a few times but my legs were too heavy. Then I managed to get up and moved slowly ... I had difficulties breathing but had to do what Anne-Marie was asking. And then things became misty around me. I could see her worried face and felt her touching my ribs and gums ... We moved quickly to the house, to the telephone, to the car ... Blood tests, infusion, x-rays ...
... I felt really strange, lying on my back, legs up in a wooden frame. Anne-Marie rubbed me gently and I heard her comforting words.
What was happening ? I felt a cold machine shave my belly … “Stop !!! The Young Flatcoated Day on Saturday, I have to be there for my family’s first ring performance ! Don’t you see I need my coat to be handsome ! Help !!! An echography ... All I wanted to do was sleep ... I heard “operation” ...
Anne-Marie stood close to me, took my head into her hands and we intensely looked at each other. I replayed the film of the life we lovingly spent together : The day you took me in your arms when Marie-Noëlle brought me over from Saint Michel en Brenne. The first time you took me to the obedience classes where I met Françoise. Do you remember our first show organised by the BRC ? We looked smart, two strangers who knew nothing !!! The “ring experts” must have laughed at our bad performance. Both of us were starters but what a result we had that day : RCAC. We learned together, suffered together but managed to put up a show in the ring. Now I am Multi Champion. I have to admit that I preferred the long and hard work preparing me for hunting. I remember Working Tests where you were disappointed when my tongue dropped and I stretched my neck to screen the direction opposite to the one you wanted me to watch. You knew I was not going to obey … Nevertheless we managed to obtain a RCACT in a Field trial.
I adored the retrieving work I did at the many huntings with you and my big friend Ivo.
I also thought of my large family : Anouchka, Babouchka, Bohême, CH. Blipton, Blackboy, Chipie, Cara Mia, Douchka, Emma and all the ones I never met (I have 78 children). I thought of you also, my son Cassio and our life full of day-to-day complicity. I had a thought for my youngest children, Taquine, Milo, Bass which I won’t see on Saturday and for my grand-children (115) and great grand-children.
And then I thought of you Nicolas when you sing that Russian song that makes me laugh and sing, when you say « laugh my dog, this dog really laughs !” He’s right, I really do laugh...
You hugged me tightly, your breath filled me with energy while our eyes were still locked. You whispered : “Courage, I am with you”.
...I feel myself drifting towards a soft sleep...A voice... “Hello, bad news I’m afraid...blood vessel rupture... it is better to let him sleep”...Anne-Marie, please say yes. I feel peaceful and calm. I am ready for my last performance in the Ring...

M.CH. Okran of Glen Sheallag, called Wotan

May 2nd 2009

No Wotan, your last performance in the ring is still to come. Today at the Young Flatcoated day you were shown by your youngest pups from the Running Angel kennel : How Pretty, Hot Brandy and Hi-Fidelity, and by your granddaughter Millerheights Happygirl. How Pretty proved she is her father’s daughter by obtaining the B.I.S. , her two brothers were first and second in the young dog class. I believe you will often make an appearance in the ring in the future.

I love you my sweet compagnon.